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Tim Plastics is committed to partnering with its clients. From product design to engineering and manufacturing, we are dedicated to you every step of the way.

Container Production

At Tim Plastics, we have millions of containers in stock which can be in a customer’s hands within a matter of days. With over 100 production machines in 3 manufacturing plants, we have the capability to fulfill orders of all sizes and also run dedicated customer production lines for uninterrupted on-time delivery. Our production capabilities remain flexible, allowing Tim Plastics to quickly react to changes in demand and customer needs.


Product Design & Engineering

We recognize that stock containers are not suitable for all applications. Tim Plastics employs a full team of in-house designers and engineers that work with clients to create unique and custom solutions for all their packaging needs.

Custom Mold Manufacturing

At Tim Plastics, we pride ourselves on providing a one-stop solution for all custom container needs. By having a fully computerized, state of the art mold manufacturing facility, we can transform ideas into fully operational production molds quickly and economically.



In addition to manufacturing quality jars and bottles, Tim Plastics, Inc. possesses over 520,000 square feet of warehousing space which allows us to satisfy customer container stocking requirements. 

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